PUMA evoPOWER boot – Vigor 1

PUMA Reveal Latest Generation evoPOWER boot – Vigor 1


PUMA has kicked the new year off in style by unveiling its next generation POWER boot, the evoPOWER Vigor 1. The new football boot sees PUMA’s greatest design overhaul yet in the POWER franchise, boasting an upgraded silhouette that keeps power and accuracy at the heart of the design. The revolutionary boot will be worn on-pitch by PUMA POWER stars including the likes of Olivier Giroud and Mario Balotelli, and new PUMA ambassadors, Petr Čech and Marc Bartra.



Engineered with numerous upgrades to the previous edition, the evoPOWER Vigor 1 is more technical than ever, marking a new era for the silo. The Vigor 1 is the first in the POWER family to feature a stretchable Spandex sock construction, creating an ultra-comfortable slip on boot with a barefoot feeling. The Spandex sock lining works in harmony with PUMA’s next generation AccuFoam upper technology which features a new engineered 3D format. The PU foam dots regulate the uneven surface when the foot comes into contact with the ball, which maximises precision when striking the ball powerfully. The upper is completed with PUMA’s Adap-Lite material further enhanced with a new support cage that allows the foot to bend. The one-way stretchable microfibre upper material supports the biomechanics of the foot while striking the ball barefoot, maximizing both power and precision. This combined with GripTex, a PUMA technology applied to the upper of the boot, helps create enhanced grip and ball control.



The evoPOWER Vigor 1 outsole remains the same as its predecessors as a result of popular demand, featuring a mix of bladed and conical studs. Based on PUMA’s research into how force travels on the stance and kicking legs, the boot features bladed studs that ensure perfect ground penetration and stability, especially on stance leg, and conical studs for optimal agility.


The evoPOWER Vigor 1 emanates POWER with its bold styling and colour, featuring a sleek new look in allover Gecko Green finished off with Safety Yellow and PUMA Black detailing. The diamond shaped PU dots in Safety Yellow on the sock liner not only advance the performance of the boot, but also fashion a subtle graphic pattern across the upper, which has been replicated in the outsole. The overall look is rounded off with finishing touches in PUMA Black, from the iconic PUMA Formstripe and evoPOWER branding on the tongue to decorative details on the outsole.


Commenting on the new latest POWER offering, PUMA’s General Manager for Teamsport, Matthias Mecking said; “In order to tackle the design, we closely examined our top players in action. We examined the way Olivier Giroud transfers every bit of power into strikes and Balotelli’s final third domination and powerful goals. We examined what the body naturally brings to the ball and how we can give it more impact and even better aim, and took each boot material to the next level. The evoPOWER VIGOR 1 is PUMA’s most technical offering to date, and brings you even closer to the ball for even greater power.”


PUMA star striker and POWER player, Olivier Giroud added; “I’ve been wearing evoPOWER for some time now and while PUMA always makes great developments to the boot, the new evoPOWER Vigor 1 is next level. I’m enjoying playing in a boot with a slip on sock construction – it is ridiculously comfortable plus the foam dots are a total gamechanger for me. I enjoy making an impact on the pitch and in these bold Green boots I definitely will. Let’s just say the bar has been officially raised.”



The new evoPOWER Vigor 1 is now available for purchase on www.puma.com, PUMA Stores and football boot retailers worldwide.


The evoPOWER Vigor 1 is now available at prodirectsoccer.com


PUMA King with classy ‘Made in Italy’ 🇮🇹 The King is BACK!

PUMA King with classy ‘Made in Italy’ 🇮🇹  The King is BACK!



The longest reigning. The undisputed. The PUMA King. Continuing a tradition 48 years in the making, the King is back.

This time, it’s Made in Italy with special attention paid to the details that have turned it from boot to legend. 



The PUMA King has been worn by kings. Kings from Portugal to Brazil, from the Netherlands to Argentina. These footballers’ plays and goals are continually deemed the greatest of all time. More than a boot, it’s a football legend steeped in firsts and onlys. Introduced in 1968, it was hailed for its quality materials and “South American” style toe which brought the foot closer to the ball, thus improving touch. It was further enhanced and developed in the 70s. And in 1986, it passed 6 players, touched the ball 11 times, and scored 1 goal to seal its supremacy in the football realm.


The mark of ‘made in Italy’ promises craftsmanship. The country has long had a reputation for fine, handmade shoes. This PUMA King MII boot showcases the value of handmade football boots with every single stitch. Its construction relied entirely on the individual skills of the artisan who paid exceptional attention to every detail from toe to tongue. It’s a King that was made with a truly careful, artistic touch. It’s a King that delivers on its legendary promise of touch. Made in Italy. Ready to take its place in the world as the finest of all time.



PUMA Release evoTOUCH Colour Update

PUMA Release evoTOUCH Colour Update




PUMA today introduces the new evoTOUCH boot with a brand new colour palette featuring allover white and striking blue details. The new colour update will be worn on pitch in tomorrow’s games by the likes of star playmakers and evoTOUCH ambassadors, Cesc Fàbregas and Marco Verratti. First debuted in July this year, the evoTOUCH silo disrupted the conventional leather boot scene by offering a lightweight and innovative boot combined with the benefits of traditional leather.




Featuring an allover white leather upper with a contrasting knitted blue sock and PUMA Form Stripe, the evoTOUCH boasts a sleek look and authentic style without compromising on top-level performance. Taking the concept of touch from the inside out rather than starting with the moment of contact with the ball, the PUMA evoTOUCH silo has a unique construction. The result is a boot that enhances and encourages the creative playmaking that puts PUMA players at the top of their game.




Constructed with a super soft, ultra-thin and lightweight leather upper, the foot is closer to the ball creating an exceptional touch in all conditions. The integrated, form-fitting evoKNIT sock gives a snug fit and barefoot feel, while the anti-slip GripTex arrow pattern inside the sock locks down the foot to prevent slipping. Touch and comfort combine with midfoot stability, supported by the new outsole with a raised SPEEDTRACK spine.




Chelsea star and evoTOUCH player, Cesc Fàbregas said, “the evoTOUCH has not only revolutionised my game, but it has kept me comfortable without compromising my style on the pitch. I prefer to play and train in a leather boot but I also want something innovative and high-tech so the evoTOUCH is the perfect combination for me in terms of touch, fit, grip and stability.”


PUMA today unveiled their latest evoTOUCH boot in striking white and blue design. Debuting on pitch by evoTOUCH players Cesc Fabregas and Marco Verrati this Saturday, get yours NOW at prodirectsoccer.com  or from November 21st to purchase on www.puma.com, in PUMA Retail stores and through select specialist football retailers worldwide.




PUMA 2/8 Derby Fever: Antoine Griezmann evoSPEED Football Boots

In the build-up to the Madrid Derby this weekend, PUMA have released an exclusive pair of evoSPEED Derby Fever boots, made in collaboration with Antoine Griezmann.




The Derby. One of the most anticipated games of the football calendar. Whether Manager, Player or fan the derby takes all the usual big game emotions and amplifies them.



For days before the surrounding streets tremble with intense nervous energy. When Derby day arrives the pressure becomes overwhelming, the terraces rock with anthems aimed to intimidate the opposition, the players wait in the tunnel eyeing up their rivals, memories of heroes who have clashed on the pitch in past battles rattle through their minds.

When they walk out the noise is deafening, and the pride for your club, your fans, your city kicks in and nothing matters except winning.




PUMA has released the second pair of boots in an eight-part series created ahead of the biggest derbies. Shop NOW at ProDirectSoccer.com #FOREVERFASTER



PUMA unveil Derby Fever 1/8 : Santi Cazorla evoTOUCH

PUMA unveil Derby Fever 1/8 : Santi Cazorla evoTOUCH




The Derby.

One of the most anticipated games of the football calendar. Whether Manager, Player or fan the derby takes all the usual big game emotions and amplifies them. For days before the surrounding streets tremble with intense nervous energy. When Derby day arrives the pressure becomes overwhelming, the terraces rock with anthems aimed to intimidate the opposition, the players wait in the tunnel eyeing up their rivals, memories of heroes who have clashed on the pitch in past battles rattle through their minds. When they walk out the noise is deafening, and the pride for your club, your fans, your city kicks in and nothing matters except winning.



The Derby Fever Pack is a graphic boot that celebrates the epic meetings between local football foes. To represent these historic clashes between the rivals we are giving some of our top players the boots to wear during their own derby.

Each selected derby’s boot features the colours of the player’s club and other graphic elements that represent not just the specific derby but also personal insights gained from each player’s personal big game experiences and conversations with PUMA designers.




To kick off Santi Cazorla will be playing the North London derby wearing his own evoTOUCH Derby Fever boots on the 5th November for Arsenal FC vs Tottenham Hotspur FC, the 178th matchup between the two North London clubs.



PUMA Releases Latest evoPower And evoSpeed Colourways

PUMA Releases Latest evoPower And evoSpeed Colourways




Striking White, Orange and Blue/Black Design Will Bring Even More Visibilty on Pitch

PUMA Football has released the latest colour editions to its evoPOWER and evoSPEED boot silos.  The new evoPOWER is presented with a striking colour gradient of blue in the toe morphing into an orange heel, complete with a white form stripe and detailing.  It will be worn by Olivier Giroud, Mario Balotelli and other PUMA players from Friday.

The revamped evoSPEED has a white and orange base design complete with black form stripe.

It will be worn on pitch for the first time by PUMA players including Sergio Agüero and Antoine Griezmann from Friday also.


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The evoPOWER 1.3 boot keeps the principles of barefoot kicking at its core, with increased flexibility resulting in more kicking power.  The evoSPEED is light and responsive, to improve speed and maneuverability.


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“I like this new colour style,” said French International and PUMA player Antoine Griezmann. “It’s an interesting design and definitely stands out which is a quality of a football boot that I like.  PUMA has done a great job once again.”


French international striker and PUMA Player Olivier Giroud added: “The colourway of this new evoPOWER is great, but the colour design is also very nice.  The transition from blue to orange looks very powerful, it is an excellent complement to the technology within this boot.”


The new PUMA evoPOWER 1.3, evoSPEED SL and evoSPEED 1.5 are available to purchase online at www.puma.com and in stores worldwide from Friday 30 September.



PUMA | AW16 Graphic Pack Boots



The PUMA AW16 Graphic Pack for evoSPEED and evoPOWER will be worn by Antoine Griezmann and Olivier Giroud.  The design features ancient tribe trophy skulls which represent the power, creativity and respect that the players demand on the pitch.  Search #PlayLOUD for more information.

When footballers lead their team, they lead it with a tribal mentality. It’s done with passion and loyalty, and an ambition shared by their teammates. The way they carry themselves motivates and inspires. Antoine Griezmann and Olivier Giroud are such leaders. They emerge from a remarkable summer filled with European play, and head into the club season with confidence and the force of their team at their sides—and new boots, made for them and worn by them alone.


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The evoSPEED Graphic and evoPOWER Graphic are inspired by the trophy skulls of ancient tribes. These trophy skulls represented power, respect, and creativity, all of which are characteristics in modern day footballers. Each boot features its own take on the design theme. To highlight Griezmann’s speed and agility, his evoSPEED boot’s skull graphic features a glowing heat map to reflect key strike zones. Power is everything when you’re Giroud, and his strength and raw style of play are matched with an evoPOWER skull graphic featuring geometric armor.


With the evoSPEED Graphic and evoPOWER Graphic, Griezmann and Giroud are battle-ready and ready to inspire. Every match day is another chance to rule. Every touch brings them closer to whatever trophy is in reach.





New Italy Away Kit By PUMA!

New Italy Away Kit By PUMA!




PUMA & FIGC (the Italian Football Association) revealed the design of the new Italy away kit yesterday with a modern anarmorphic approach.  As the sun rose across Southern Italy, renowned artists 3D Joe & Max were hard at work painting a large mural of Marco Verratti, Gianluigi Buffon and Giorgio Chiellini wearing the new kit, with a 3D effect that drew a big crowd in Bari’s Piazza del Ferrarese.

This new shirt for the next era of Italian football will be worn for the first time on pitch when Italy play France in Bari tomorrow night.


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As Gli Azzurri look ahead to the qualification campaign for the 2018 FIFA World CupTM under the new leadership of Gian Piero Ventura, this new Italy away kit has a new innovative design to mark this next footballing chapter.

The secondary colour to the traditional white moves away from azzurri blue to navy – visible underneath the v neck collar, sleeves and bottom of the shirt with a carbon fibre sublimation print that carries an essence of speed and power.  A structured jacquard graphic is derived from the FIGC crest with a dynamic chevron effect on the chest, keeping the nucleus of Italian flair but with a fresh energetic design.

Longer sleeves complete the sleek and modern look.  Furthermore, the shirt has a similar broad design to the 2006 away kit to mark the 10th anniversary of Italy winning the FIFA World Cup in Berlin.


16AW_PR_TS_PUMA Football_Q3_FIGC-Away-Verratti_1



Marco Verratti, Italy’s Midfield Maestro & PUMA player; “I like to see new shirts being revealed in interesting ways, through this street art we can reach our fans and give them a great  experience of the Italian football team.  The shirt is a beautiful one and the all players look forward to wearing it as we begin new challenges on the way to Russia.”

Joe Hill of 3D Joe & Max added, “Italy is such an icon of world football, it was a real honour to create this 3D Street Artwork to show the new shirt design.  PUMA has great vision for unveiling new products and is a brand we admire for that, we were very happy to give Bari and Italy a taste of our work and hope they enjoy it.”





The 3D mural will remain in Piazza del Ferrarese for the next two days, as Italian fans gather ahead of the friendly game against France tomorrow night.  #ForeverItalia



The new Italy away kit is available to buy from today. See www.puma.com/italy


16AW_PR_TS_PUMA Football_Q3_FIGC-Away_10



Petr Čech Signs Partnership With Puma

Petr Čech Signs Partnership With Puma




Arsenal Number 1 Will Wear evoPOWER Gloves & Boots and Feature in PUMA Global Marketing Activations.

PUMA has signed an endorsement partnership with Petr Čech, the goalkeeper who has the record for most Premier League clean sheets.  The former Czech Republic international will become the lead PUMA goalkeeper in the English Premier League.

Čech joins former FIFA World Cup winner Gianluigi Buffon and current European Champion Rui Patricio in promoting evoPOWER gloves and boots across key retail and communication activations.  He will also feature in campaigns and marketing initiatives related to PUMA’s technical and licensed partnership with Arsenal Football Club, as the Global Sport Brand enters a third year working with the North London club.

Petr Čech said, “I have got to know PUMA very well through their work with Arsenal over the past year and I like the people, their products and their marketing ideas.  They have created some excellent campaigns and events for Arsenal that as a player I’ve been very happy to be involved in.  For a goalkeeper it’s also very important to have a glove you totally trust, which I do with the evoPOWER . I’m pleased to be working with PUMA more directly.”


Johan Adamsson, Global Director of Sports Marketing at PUMA added, “Petr Čech is a consummate professional – a goalkeeper who works hard to maintain the commanding form that results in him being admired the world over.  He is also a much liked personality in football, a gentleman of his sport.  Petr will be a great ambassador for our brand and our products, and we’re delighted he’s joined us.”


Petr Čech has won the UEFA Champions League, four English Premier League titles, four FA Cup’s, three FA Community Shield’s, three Football League Cup’s and the UEFA Europa League.  He helped the Czech Republic get to the semi-finals of Euro ’04 in Portugal.  Čech has won the Premier League golden glove award four times, has been in the PFA team of the year twice, has been awarded the Czech player of the year a total of eight times and has won the Czech Republic Golden Ball a record eight times.  He also holds the record for the most clean sheets ever in the history of the Premier League.





Kit News | Puma & Leicester Reveal New Alternative Away Kit For 2016/2017 Season

Puma & Leicester Reveal New Alternative Away Kit For 2016/2017 Season


PA10300_LCFC third kit_04

“We Are Champions League”


PUMA today revealed the new Leicester City alternative away kit for the upcoming 2016/2017 season. The kit is set to be worn in their first ever UEFA Champions League campaign and throughout their upcoming Premier League title defence.

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The blue pinstripe design of this season’s alternative away kit has been inspired from the club’s iconic 1983/84 shirt.  Classic design meets modern technology with the shirt featuring high quality lightweight polyester material enabling a moisture wicking finish, designed to quickly draw sweat away from the body, keeping you drier and cooler for longer. The shirt also features a drop tail hem for added coverage with the traditional Leicester City logo applied alongside the embroidered PUMA cat on the front.

The shirt itself features a two piece rib collar and boasts a clean look with a subtle flash of colour.  With underarm paneling as well as the pinstripe design, the kit also features a textured form stripe design across both the shirt and shorts.


Marc Albrighton said: “The white kit is beautiful, it’s got the pinstripes which is a bit different to what we’ve had in previous years and I think the extra little touches make it look pretty special, we’re looking forward to wearing it. As well as playing the part you’ve got to look the part, so I think PUMA have done a good job.”


Paul Spencer, General Manager PUMA UKIB said; “We’re delighted to launch the PUMA Leicester City alternative away kit for this season’s campaign. The pinstripe features of this year’s shirt is a subtle nod to the retro designs of the early eighties and we’re looking forward to seeing the boys back in action in the new shirts and representing not only Leicester but the country this season.”


The new official 2016/2017 alternative away kit will be available from the LCFC store, 6th July and online from the 5th August. RRP £50.00 Adult, £35 Kids.