BootAdvisor – Creative Series | Episode 1

BootAdvisor – Creative Series | Episode 1


by One80s (Andrew Gillis)



Welcome to our brand new feature  BootAdvisor – Creative Series.

Our very first episode is by the creative genius One80s on a truly iconic boot the Adidas Predator Accelerator







Year of release:


Worn by:

David Beckham (England), Zinedine Zidane (France),

Allesandro Del Piero (Italy), Marcel Desailly (France),

Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany).


It was a boot I had to buy!

At age 16, it was the first time I spent serious money on any kind of football boot, but I was in need of a new pair, and after seeing some of the world stars rocking these on the big stage – I was sold!

So this boot will always have a special place in my heart.


When I first started illustrating boots, this was one of the first ones I went for. Visually it’s a striking boot to look at – with its sharp, bold colors, it has many elements and textures to it, so it was perfect to get stuck into.


Released to coincide with the France 98 World Cup, the Predator Accelerator was give instant global recognition, worn by the likes of Del Piero, David Beckham and not to mention Zinedine Zidane with his fantastic double strikes in the final against Brazil.


In my opinion, the Accelerator is the most famous of the Predator series, and has the most recognizable features of them all.

The design completely differs from previous models with a new Traxion stud layout system, asymmetrical laces for a cleaner contact surface, rounded fold over tongue, wider curved stripes, a transparent outer sole, and to top it off, more colour ways were available.


Its fair to say, an oldie but a goldie!!

Thanks for reading.

Andrew (One80s)





See more of Andrew’s work HERE!



Episode 2 coming soon!


For the Adidas Predator FANATIC!

We all love the adidas Predator!

Predator ShelfWith the recent heart-breaking news that the adidas Predator is to be no more. Fans can now get their Predator fix from an Irish company selling iPhone cases with your beloved Predator image across your phone!

Mi3Stripes are your guys if your looking for that fix!

Showcasing the Predator Mania and Accelerator (arguably the two most iconic predators of all time!) logos across different formats from phone cases to tee-shirts!

Great idea guys and a clever way for fans to have their favourite boot at arms length!

Check them out!

Steven Gerrard – Farewell To A Legend – adidas Football

Steven Gerrard – Farewell To A Legend – adidas Football

adidas celebrates the end of an era on Merseyside with special edition Steven Gerrard Predator boots

SGB_130515_0003_HIGH_RESLoyal to his boyhood club and his favourite boots, Gerrard has graced the Anfield turf in adidas Predator’s for nearly two decades. His final pair for Liverpool have been created with the colours of red and white dominating as well unique and personal detailing throughout. The eye-catching design all feeds out from a central visual element on the outer heel – YNWA – reflecting the club ethos that Gerrard has lived by throughout his career.

Complimenting this design, Gerrard’s number 8 and the names of his children are also emblazoned on the boots, whilst inside each boot there are personalised tributes to Anfield’s favourite son.

Gerrard will be wearing the boots for the final two games of the season, firstly against Crystal Palace this weekend and then away at Stoke. As his glittering Premier League career comes to an end fans from across the city of Liverpool and all over the country will be upstanding for a very special player in a special pair of boots.

We couldn’t help… So here’s the Liverpool legend top 10 goals for his boyhood club!

Adidas Predator “MADE IN GERMANY”

Question: Where are Adidas Predator football boots manufactured?

adidas_made_in_germanyWe’re asked this question on a weekly basic! Some insist all Predators are produced in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. Which is actually correct to a point! But generally incorrect! Confused?!

So we’re going to enlighten you all!

The vast majority of all Adidas Predators are produced in the Far East; most specifically in Indonesia. In fact they have been for the past 2 decades!

With the huge demand for Adidas Predator boots globally it’s simply more economically to outsource to the Far East.

adidas workshop

Within the Adidas company, the Global Operations department, specifically Sourcing, looks into these aspects in collaboration with Social and Environmental Affairs (SEA). And while the company spreads its sourcing over multiple countries, 80% of its global production comes from the so-called ‘strategic’ suppliers. (source


So does this mean a lesser product is produced in the Far East? Most certainly not! Thanks to hundreds of factory visits every year, the company consistently reviews and evaluates suppliers, works with them to address issues and makes improvements where necessary. In 2013, nine manufacturing relationships were terminated with suppliers who failed to adhere to the standards and requirements. Adidas produce market leading products for decades and are certainly not about to lose it reputation over quality control!

made-in-geramanyAnyway; back to the argument that Predator’s are made in Germany! This is true but to a very select few. The Adidas factory in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany makes specific custom made boots for the elite professionals. For example; elite players have there exact foot size measured to fine detail. A boot is then created to the players individual specification. Most of these boots are marked “Custom Made” “Custom Sample” and a more general “Made in Germany” on the Predator range.

Here’s the quote from an adidas spokesperson to help clear up the confusion!

“The adidas Predator football boots are produced exclusively in Asia, however we do have a customisation service for our professional athletes in Germany. “

(images source ThePredCollective)

Wherever there made you can’t argue we all love and appreciate the ultimate boot called The Predator!


The All New Adidas Predator Crazylight

Adidas Predator Crazylight

The iconic Adidas Predator get the Crazylight treatment as part of the 20 year anniversary! Crazy just got a little more crazier!







For the first time game-changing adidas Crazylight technology has been brought to the iconic adidas Predator boot.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Predator, the Predator Crazylight is one of the 14 special edition Predator Instinct boots that will be launched during 2014.



The boot is part of a new Crazylight Pack, featuring new versions of the Predator, f50, 11pro and Nitrocharge.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Predator, adidas has already released the Revenge Pack, a heritage set of three Predators based on the original designs of the 1994 Predator, the 1998 Accelerator and the 2002 Mania. With the Crazylight Pack, adidas is bringing ground-breaking lightweight technology to this legendary boot.

Crazylight technology launched in April 2014, with Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale wearing the Crazylight f50 during their successful UEFA Champions League campaign. adidas has dominated the football “lightweight” category since the introduction of the adidas adizero™ f50 in 2010, and that continues with the Crazylight Pack. The new Predator Crazylight weighs just 215g, with the f50,11pro and Nitrocharge boots weighing in at 140g, 180g and 225g, respectively.


The Predator Crazylight has been designed to combine the complete control of the Predator Instinct with the lightweight technology of the Crazylight range. The boot retains the lethal zone, control pad and pass pad technology of the Predator Instinct while introducing sprintframe technology, which drastically reduces weight while maintaining the trademark control of the Predator range.

For the f50 and 11pro the adidas Innovation Team developed an innovative next-generation lightweight skin, drastically reducing the weight on the upper part of the boot while still guaranteeing high quality and performance.

The boots have been tested by the best footballers from across the globe, resulting in a design that will allow them to play faster and better than ever before. For the first time, this state-of-the-art technology has been rolled out across the entire adidas boot range.

Expect to see these rolled out over the coming weeks! We’re certainly looking forward to the impact they make!

Unboxing Adidas Predator Instinct

Unboxing Adidas’s Predator Instinct Black/Running White/Neon Orange colourway!

We recently we did an unboxing of Adidas’s Predator Instinct Black/Running White/Neon Orange colourway! We loved the fit; snug but very comfortable, firm yet flexible, the super soft leather-like HybridTouch gives added protection. The Predator Instinct has enlarged Predator rubber sections directly on to the upper for optimal grip and power on the ball.

The new gel pass pads on the sides provides an increased surface for accurate striking of the ball.

With the new Traxion 2.0 moulded studs providing the Predator with maximum traction and acceleration on firm ground.

We loved them and highly recommend them to any player with a narrow to normal width foot. Currently retailing at £130 or €165.

Check out the video for a closer look.

Adidas Predator Mania REMAKE!

The one we have all longed for! The Predator Mania…


Following the Predator 94 and the Predator Accelerator remakes, comes the Predator MANIA… the  most celebrated and most famous of Predator football boots in recent history. Released in 2002 as the  after the Predator Precision, the Mania broke new ground and dominated the FIFA World Cup in South Korea & Japan.

Like the previous two releases the Predator Mania are a Limited to just 1825 pairs worldwide! At £260/€325 there not cheap, but considering the original Mania’s are on auction site selling for over£400/€500 in used condition, it’s an investment not to be missed.


Take a step back in time to 2002 and the original adidas Predator Mania was announced to the world. Heralded as the champion of all Predators if not all boots.  Huge advancements in technology along with an unmatched designed and a range of breathtaking colourways, the Mania truely evolved how boot manufactorers developed into the future…  with its k-leather upper the Mania provided unbelievable comfort. Adidas created even more ball swerve than previous models thanks to the rubber swerves on the instep. Not forgetting that the Mania was the lightest Predator of its time. The most eye catching of all was its elasticated tongue which gave the Mania its own unmistakable identity, made famous by many great players such as Beckham, Gerrard, Del Piero and that most famous of Champions League Final goal scorer Zidane!

The remake Predator Mania Instinct LE (to quote its official name!) floods back all these memories and the urge is to lace up, tog out and head for a football pitch. However, like most these will sit proudly on a pedestal in homage of the ‘great one’


Adidas Predator Accelerator REMAKE!


The Adidas Predator was first launched in 1994 and made famous by its first goal scorer Celtic’s John Collins against Rangers in Ibrox, immediately every football fan knew something special had just been created!

Adidas started a journey of different launches from the Original Predator to this year’s Predator Instinct.


To celebrate the 20 years of the Predator range, Adidas have announced a series of remakes! Much to the delight of the Predator followers, who for years have created fan pages, blogs and pickets for a revamp of their beloved kicking slippers!


Credit to Adidas who researched what the fans wanted and chose the three most popular of all the released Predators. The original Predator, the Predator Accelerator and the Predator Mania.

The second in the series of remakes is the launch of the Adidas Predator Instinct Accelerator.


A remake of the iconic 1998 Predator Accelerator made famous from the likes of Zidane, Del Piero and David Beckham during the 1998 FIFA World Cup®.

Arguably the most famous of the Predator range, the boots most recognisable features, include the rubber vamps, the red fold-over tongue, along with the world famous three-stripes, famously made extra wide in the Accelerator boot. It also includes the “adidas Equipment” logo to complete the modernised Predator Instinct Accelerator boot! This is the remake all boot fans want to get their hands on!


With some disgruntled fans disappointed that the next launch, the Predator Mania lacks the iconic white sole and red FG studs, it’s no surprise that the Accelerators sold out on in less than two hours! These remakes are already a must have for any serious boot collector! Costing a pocket heavy £260 to get a hold of them, is it a case of “whatever the cost” for one of the all time great boots?

We certainly would display them proudly in our man-cave!

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