BootAdvisor – Creative Series | Episode 3 by Off_Foot

BootAdvisor – Creative Series | Episode 3


by Off_Foot (Case Jernigan)


It’s Episode 3 of the Creative Series; We take a different look into the mad moment of Zinedine Zidane’s last ever game in professional football as completed by creative master Case Jernigan  (Off_Foot)





Zinedine Zidane ‘ZIZOU’ homage
Cut paper, 18 x 14 inches,



It was 2006, and I was traveling through Italy and Germany during the World Cup.  Zidane mesmerized with his strength, outside of the boot passes, and charisma.

Those experiences during the tournament have come back to me in waves over the past year, so I’ve made art related to the great man.

This piece is cut from a single sheet of handmade paper from Nepal.  I like the paper because it’s textural, and since the pulp is left outside there are bits of bark and vegetation embedded in the paper.  I use razor blades primarily, but sometimes I tear the paper with my hands.

When I make these single sheet pieces, it’s important to do a bit of planning in pencil on the back of the paper, but I like to leave some of the process up to change and exploration as I begin cutting.  I treat the razor blade like a drawing implement.

The multi-paneled approach stems from old Renaissance panels and paintings from Europe.  In those altarpieces, often small story panels would be attached to the bottom of the main image, or sometimes on the back.

I like the idea of many little stories telling a greater one. In this piece I focused on big moments from the timeline of Zidane.

We begin with his Juventus days, and move through the header against Brazil, to holding the cup, the volley against Leverkusen, and finally the red card in 2006.

I know it’s trivial to reduce the brilliant player’s career into a few panels, but I wanted to keep the overall image cohesive, but also have the viewer’s eye flow from panel to panel.  Zidane embodies the things I love about football. Not just the skill, goals and drama, but the mental power he possessed- so much that he could influence the entire field and all of those watching.


Amazing work brought to life by paper and a creative genius!


More of Case’s work can be found on his Instagram page or website. Check it out!


Episode 4 coming soon!