BootAdvisor – Creative Series | Episode 4 by Swoosh Custom

BootAdvisor – Creative Series | Episode 4

by Swoosh Custom


It’s Episode 4 for the Creative Series and we take a different look at the Nike Mercurial SL in the world of concept boots by Swoosh Custom!




You’ll find attached an edit of perhaps our all time favourite boot – the Mercurial SL – modified to encompass the new technologies of the latest halo boot, the Superfly IV. As you’re probably aware, we love all things Nike related and do our best to slice and dice different models together to make these hybrid concepts.

In fact, we could have chosen any number of colour ups from the Mercurial SL – the Berry Pink, the Euro 08 leather, the Sport Red/Gold – all are great boots with great memories for us. But in terms of impact, it has to be these Orange Peel versions, as they were the launch colour and place an important milestone in the archives of Nike soccer technology and design. So what have we got? Well, for starters there’s the full carbon fiber sole plate that the Mercurial SL is famous for, modified for the last of the Superfly IV. Then of course there’s the Superfly IV’s very own party piece, the Dynamic Fit collar, before we find the synthetic lace cover that was the controversial hallmark of the mainstream Vapor IV and the top tier Mercurial SL. Controversial because essentially the Vapor IV was a Vapor III with a lace cover and new paint job.

But the Mercurial SL had a different aura about it. The price, the look, the tech – this wasn’t a boot for Sunday League cloggers, this was now a boot for athletes. And Nike did a very good job of convincing us that we could be our own Ronaldo if we had these (which, by the way we still do. Two pairs as it happens)

It’s a cliché for sure but for players of a certain age, the Mercurial SL entered the playing field at a real boom time for boot design and development. When you think how technology and design has evolved in even just a handful of years since, we love to take it back and mix things up to create unique models like this Superfly SL. Sure it holds plenty of nostalgia for us, but that’s the point, right?


The thought process into the world of Concept Boots is pretty fascinating! More genius design can be seen on their Instagram page!



Episode 5 coming soon!