Boot Collectors: Episode 6 – Puma King – Lothar Matthaüs Limited Edition

Boot Collectors: Episode 6

Puma King – Lothar Matthaüs Limited Edition

by Power And Precision (Cameron Corp)


Boot Collectors: EPISODE 6 has landed and we’re delighted to announce our new signing Cameron Corp (Power And Precision)!

His first article is on his recent ‘meet and greet’ thanks to the kind guys at Pro:DirectSoccer.





Boots: Puma Kings – Lothar Matthaüs Limited Edition

Release: 2015 – Limited to 25 pairs


These boots are very special to me for many reasons and I think they’re one of the classiest pairs produced. It was in July when I had only been off college for a couple of weeks and I was to jet off to Mexico on the 6th for a 2 week holiday. When I was waiting at the airport to bored my flight I thought I’d take one last browse through my personal Instagram account since I wasn’t going to use it for at least another 24 hours. I clicked on my Direct Messages and saw I have one from ProDirectSoccer. I assumed that it would be to feature a picture from my account or something but I couldn’t be any more wrong. This is what I was presented with…



At first I couldn’t believe what I’d read and I was so excited and couldn’t wait to pick them up, and then reality sunk in, I was about to head to the other side of the world and thought that this was it. Someone else would get selected instead. So I replied to them explaining the situation and suggested a friend picked them up as the invite was for two. I then turned my phone off and that was it until I somehow picked up a wifi connection in Mexico. When I finally got there and got a connection, I got a reply from them saying that my solution was a good one and then agreed to give them to my friend. It wasn’t then until mid August when I finally got them and the wait was worth it 100%.



The boots themselves are stunning, composed of white and black leather with gold trims and lettering makes them look fantastic. These Lothar Matthaüs boots were produced to celebrate his fantastic career as a player and note some of his best achievements on the box. On both heels marks a 25th anniversary logo with the date 1980 – 2015 above, and on the outside of the heels includes his name Lothar Matthaüs and underneath the pair number out of 25. Mine was 22. My favourite thing about this special pair is the golden fold over tongue that when lifted up reads the same statistics that is printed on the box; 1 World Cup winner, 5 World Cup tournaments and 25 World Cup goals.



I can’t fault the boots at all and the presentation of them was very nice, they came in a Perspex box with a foam fitting that was shaped to fit both boots, then the pullover box was gold on the inside and white on the outside with a little window on the front allowing you to see his name on the heel and the number issued out of 25. A really nice touch.




The bonus things for me about these boots is the fact that I have a certificate of authentication signed by him with my pair number marked on it as well as the event title ‘Meet Matthaüs’ and then he hand signed one of my boots above his name on the heel, it was a really nice touch that made this one of a kind boots every more special.

There are only 25 pairs produced of these boots, all of which were given out to lucky people selected to attend the event and I was one of them. Thank you Puma, thank you Pro Direct.



Keep an eye out for other great boots from Cameron’s Instagram page!

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Boot Collectors: Episode 7 coming soon!





*Header image courtesy of Pro:DirectSoccer