PUMA 2/8 Derby Fever: Antoine Griezmann evoSPEED Football Boots

In the build-up to the Madrid Derby this weekend, PUMA have released an exclusive pair of evoSPEED Derby Fever boots, made in collaboration with Antoine Griezmann.




The Derby. One of the most anticipated games of the football calendar. Whether Manager, Player or fan the derby takes all the usual big game emotions and amplifies them.



For days before the surrounding streets tremble with intense nervous energy. When Derby day arrives the pressure becomes overwhelming, the terraces rock with anthems aimed to intimidate the opposition, the players wait in the tunnel eyeing up their rivals, memories of heroes who have clashed on the pitch in past battles rattle through their minds.

When they walk out the noise is deafening, and the pride for your club, your fans, your city kicks in and nothing matters except winning.




PUMA has released the second pair of boots in an eight-part series created ahead of the biggest derbies. Shop NOW at ProDirectSoccer.com #FOREVERFASTER