Gibraltar’s Lee Casciaro rocking the Adidas Accelerator’s

Gibraltar, the tiny nation who have finally been UEFA approved played their first ever competitive match last night against Poland.







A 7-0 thrashing was the end result and a rock bottom place in the UEFA European Qualifier Group D.

Lee Casciaro_accelerators






However, one classy Gibraltarian midfielder (and Policeman by trade!) Lee Casciaro (number 7) was wearing the hottest boots on show, Adidas’s new and Limited Edition Revenge Pack Accelerators!

Very Cool! Very cool indeed…!

Lee Casciaro_accelerators_live






In case you missed it, here’s Zidane talking you through the Accelerator’s remake!

Zidane is one cool guy!


Bryan Habana’s 100 Test Cap


Adidas really like to look after their players, especially when there is something special to celebrate! The latest celebrations is for South Africa’s Bryan Habana. He’s the newest member to the elusive club of 100 Test Caps!  What an achievement, WHAT A PLAYER!

Bryan Habana






This Saturday, 6th September 2014, Bryan will be running onto the field with adidas for the 100th time in the green and gold. Bryan has given everything for his country and to celebrate this milestone, adidas specially-designed a pair of custom-made adizero RS7 boots, matched in the green and gold.

Bryan Habana






Since his first appearance for the Springboks over a decade ago, Bryan Habana has played all 99 tests for the Boks in adidas boots.

Bryan HabanaWith Bryan currently topping the list of highest Springbok try-scorers, and now also in the running to score the most tries in the history of the game for all nations (currently sitting at 56), this legend of the game will continue to thrill fans around the world with his talent and wizardry, with the helping hand of adidas.




Bryan Habana








Congratulations Bryan!

Adidas Predator Mania REMAKE!

The one we have all longed for! The Predator Mania…


Following the Predator 94 and the Predator Accelerator remakes, comes the Predator MANIA… the  most celebrated and most famous of Predator football boots in recent history. Released in 2002 as the  after the Predator Precision, the Mania broke new ground and dominated the FIFA World Cup in South Korea & Japan.

Like the previous two releases the Predator Mania are a Limited to just 1825 pairs worldwide! At £260/€325 there not cheap, but considering the original Mania’s are on auction site selling for over£400/€500 in used condition, it’s an investment not to be missed.


Take a step back in time to 2002 and the original adidas Predator Mania was announced to the world. Heralded as the champion of all Predators if not all boots.  Huge advancements in technology along with an unmatched designed and a range of breathtaking colourways, the Mania truely evolved how boot manufactorers developed into the future…  with its k-leather upper the Mania provided unbelievable comfort. Adidas created even more ball swerve than previous models thanks to the rubber swerves on the instep. Not forgetting that the Mania was the lightest Predator of its time. The most eye catching of all was its elasticated tongue which gave the Mania its own unmistakable identity, made famous by many great players such as Beckham, Gerrard, Del Piero and that most famous of Champions League Final goal scorer Zidane!

The remake Predator Mania Instinct LE (to quote its official name!) floods back all these memories and the urge is to lace up, tog out and head for a football pitch. However, like most these will sit proudly on a pedestal in homage of the ‘great one’


Adidas Predator Accelerator REMAKE!


The Adidas Predator was first launched in 1994 and made famous by its first goal scorer Celtic’s John Collins against Rangers in Ibrox, immediately every football fan knew something special had just been created!

Adidas started a journey of different launches from the Original Predator to this year’s Predator Instinct.


To celebrate the 20 years of the Predator range, Adidas have announced a series of remakes! Much to the delight of the Predator followers, who for years have created fan pages, blogs and pickets for a revamp of their beloved kicking slippers!


Credit to Adidas who researched what the fans wanted and chose the three most popular of all the released Predators. The original Predator, the Predator Accelerator and the Predator Mania.

The second in the series of remakes is the launch of the Adidas Predator Instinct Accelerator.


A remake of the iconic 1998 Predator Accelerator made famous from the likes of Zidane, Del Piero and David Beckham during the 1998 FIFA World Cup®.

Arguably the most famous of the Predator range, the boots most recognisable features, include the rubber vamps, the red fold-over tongue, along with the world famous three-stripes, famously made extra wide in the Accelerator boot. It also includes the “adidas Equipment” logo to complete the modernised Predator Instinct Accelerator boot! This is the remake all boot fans want to get their hands on!


With some disgruntled fans disappointed that the next launch, the Predator Mania lacks the iconic white sole and red FG studs, it’s no surprise that the Accelerators sold out on in less than two hours! These remakes are already a must have for any serious boot collector! Costing a pocket heavy £260 to get a hold of them, is it a case of “whatever the cost” for one of the all time great boots?

We certainly would display them proudly in our man-cave!

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