BootAdvisor – Creative Series | Episode 2 by Scott McRoy

BootAdvisor – Creative Series | Episode 2

by  Scott McRoy


We’re very excited to be bringing you a special Episode 2!

When the idea of the Creative Series came about, one of the first names on our list was Scott and you can see why!

The idea and concept was precisely what Nike and Adidas fans will be looking for, if not crying out for!

Simply Stunning!


The ‘AcceleratoR9’





Adidas Predator | Nike Mercurial Concept Boot



The ‘AcceleratoR9’


The basis for this idea was the Final of the World Cup in France 1998. The tournament in itself was my first world cup, i was a little Too young for USA94 but after the Highs and Lows of England in Euro ’96 I was absolutely buzzing for this tournament and it didn’t disappoint. The whole thing kicked off with the Nike Airport advert, me and my mates would dribble down the street, while signing the famous Song Sergio Mendes Song  ‘Mas Queue Nada’mas  The tournament itself included some amazing moments like Michael Owens Goal V Argentina – Beckham’s red card, Bergkamps ridiculous control and finish and just the flair of the Brazilians in general.




Fast Forwards to the final, it was set up perfectly, France – the home nation  Vs Brazil – the pre tournament favourites.

Zidane v Ronaldo, Adidas v Nike.Predator Vs Mercurial  you had the 2 best players in the world possibly at the time going head to head in the biggest game in world football.

ultimately Zidane would steal the Show, and he led France to victory. and we all know how the final unfolded for Ronaldo. and the iconic image of him at the final whistle with his books around his neck.




My favourite boot was and still is the adidas predator accelerator, as worn by Zidane but I absolutely loved the unique colour way of the Ronaldo R9 Mercurial.. so 17 years on, and after spending a large chunk of that time building up my skill-set to a relatively decent level in photoshop, I decided to work up a boot that fused the two together.




The design of the Accelerator with the colours of the Mercurial R9.


So here it is the ‘AcceleratoR9’…








More of Scott’s work can be found on his Instagram page or website. Check it out!


Episode 3 coming soon!


BootAdvisor – Creative Series | Episode 1

BootAdvisor – Creative Series | Episode 1


by One80s (Andrew Gillis)



Welcome to our brand new feature  BootAdvisor – Creative Series.

Our very first episode is by the creative genius One80s on a truly iconic boot the Adidas Predator Accelerator







Year of release:


Worn by:

David Beckham (England), Zinedine Zidane (France),

Allesandro Del Piero (Italy), Marcel Desailly (France),

Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany).


It was a boot I had to buy!

At age 16, it was the first time I spent serious money on any kind of football boot, but I was in need of a new pair, and after seeing some of the world stars rocking these on the big stage – I was sold!

So this boot will always have a special place in my heart.


When I first started illustrating boots, this was one of the first ones I went for. Visually it’s a striking boot to look at – with its sharp, bold colors, it has many elements and textures to it, so it was perfect to get stuck into.


Released to coincide with the France 98 World Cup, the Predator Accelerator was give instant global recognition, worn by the likes of Del Piero, David Beckham and not to mention Zinedine Zidane with his fantastic double strikes in the final against Brazil.


In my opinion, the Accelerator is the most famous of the Predator series, and has the most recognizable features of them all.

The design completely differs from previous models with a new Traxion stud layout system, asymmetrical laces for a cleaner contact surface, rounded fold over tongue, wider curved stripes, a transparent outer sole, and to top it off, more colour ways were available.


Its fair to say, an oldie but a goldie!!

Thanks for reading.

Andrew (One80s)





See more of Andrew’s work HERE!



Episode 2 coming soon!


For the Adidas Predator FANATIC!

We all love the adidas Predator!

Predator ShelfWith the recent heart-breaking news that the adidas Predator is to be no more. Fans can now get their Predator fix from an Irish company selling iPhone cases with your beloved Predator image across your phone!

Mi3Stripes are your guys if your looking for that fix!

Showcasing the Predator Mania and Accelerator (arguably the two most iconic predators of all time!) logos across different formats from phone cases to tee-shirts!

Great idea guys and a clever way for fans to have their favourite boot at arms length!

Check them out!

Q&A with Gibraltar’s Lee Casciaro

Gibraltar, the tiny nation who have finally been UEFA approved played their first ever competitive match against Poland.

After the match we got talking with some Q&A’s to right winger Lee Casciaro and his stylish choice of footwear!

We believe that Lee was the first player to wear the Adidas Predator Accelerator’s in a competitive International match! Nice stat!

Lee Casciaro_accelerators







Lee Casciaro Q&A

Name: Lee Casciaro
D.O.B: 29/09/81
Club: Lincoln Red Imps Gibraltar 
International Caps: More than 100 before getting into Uefa, 1 since getting into Uefa!
BootAdvisor: Gibraltar created history by appearing in their first ever game in the European Qualifiers. Tell us about this historic moment for your country and the excitement surrounding it!
Lee: Becoming the 54th nation to join Uefa has meant a great deal for our country, the day we were accepted felt somewhat surreal for most Gibraltarians’ seeing as we’ve spent endless years fighting for this moment. This opportunity will be used as a learning curve for current senior football players but will without doubt open doors for the upcoming generation. 
As to myself, standing on that pitch this past Sunday was extremely emotional as I had my doubts whether I would return to play football for the national team after having torn my ACL 10 months ago. Therefore, representing my country as well as being able to play alongside both my brothers was very special and can state that it was the proudest moment in my football career to date. 
BootAdvisor: You wore the famous Adidas Predator Instinct Accelerators, limited edition to only 1825! We think you were the first player to wear them in a competitive International match! You’re a fan!??
Lee: Indeed I am, I was on the hunt trying to get my hands on them as I owned a pair years back and have always been my favorite.
BootAdvisor: OK, describe yourself in 5 Words!
Lee: Energetic, committed, sociable, confident and loyal.   
BootAdvisor: Best player you’ve played with?
Lee: My brothers Kyle and Ryan.
BootAdvisor: Best player you’ve played against?
Lee: Robert Lewandowski 
BootAdvisor: Best stadium you’ve played in?
Lee: Estadio de Algarve 
BootAdvisor: Team you supported as a child?
Lee: Manchester United.
BootAdvisor: Nike or Adidas?
Lee: Adidas
BootAdvisor: Best pair of boots you’ve owned!
Lee: All the Adidas predator’s.
BootAdvisor: Least favourite boots you’ve owned!
Lee: Pantofola d’Oro because the boots slit open on the side the first time I ever used them.
BootAdvisor: Best advise when picking your boots?
Lee: Make sure you wear the pair and have a walk around before you purchase the boots as the style and shape may not tally with your foot, comfort is key. 
We wish Lee and all his  Gibraltar team mates the very best of luck for the remaining European Qualifiers.


Gibraltar’s Lee Casciaro rocking the Adidas Accelerator’s

Gibraltar, the tiny nation who have finally been UEFA approved played their first ever competitive match last night against Poland.







A 7-0 thrashing was the end result and a rock bottom place in the UEFA European Qualifier Group D.

Lee Casciaro_accelerators






However, one classy Gibraltarian midfielder (and Policeman by trade!) Lee Casciaro (number 7) was wearing the hottest boots on show, Adidas’s new and Limited Edition Revenge Pack Accelerators!

Very Cool! Very cool indeed…!

Lee Casciaro_accelerators_live






In case you missed it, here’s Zidane talking you through the Accelerator’s remake!

Zidane is one cool guy!


Adidas Predator Accelerator REMAKE!


The Adidas Predator was first launched in 1994 and made famous by its first goal scorer Celtic’s John Collins against Rangers in Ibrox, immediately every football fan knew something special had just been created!

Adidas started a journey of different launches from the Original Predator to this year’s Predator Instinct.


To celebrate the 20 years of the Predator range, Adidas have announced a series of remakes! Much to the delight of the Predator followers, who for years have created fan pages, blogs and pickets for a revamp of their beloved kicking slippers!


Credit to Adidas who researched what the fans wanted and chose the three most popular of all the released Predators. The original Predator, the Predator Accelerator and the Predator Mania.

The second in the series of remakes is the launch of the Adidas Predator Instinct Accelerator.


A remake of the iconic 1998 Predator Accelerator made famous from the likes of Zidane, Del Piero and David Beckham during the 1998 FIFA World Cup®.

Arguably the most famous of the Predator range, the boots most recognisable features, include the rubber vamps, the red fold-over tongue, along with the world famous three-stripes, famously made extra wide in the Accelerator boot. It also includes the “adidas Equipment” logo to complete the modernised Predator Instinct Accelerator boot! This is the remake all boot fans want to get their hands on!


With some disgruntled fans disappointed that the next launch, the Predator Mania lacks the iconic white sole and red FG studs, it’s no surprise that the Accelerators sold out on in less than two hours! These remakes are already a must have for any serious boot collector! Costing a pocket heavy £260 to get a hold of them, is it a case of “whatever the cost” for one of the all time great boots?

We certainly would display them proudly in our man-cave!

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