GAMING | Battlefield 1: A Word from Senior Producer Aleksander Grøndal



A Word from Senior Producer Aleksander Grøndal


As Battlefield 1 is rolling out worldwide, I’m looking back on a journey that started with a daring pitch from the team here at DICE. Fast forward a few years, and it’s almost surreal to see you getting your hands on the final result, facing the dawn of all-out war with the rest of the community.

With Battlefield 1, we wanted to create a fresh new take on the franchise, keeping that classic and unmistakable flavor that is Battlefield intact. It was a gamble. We knew that. 

But with such a unique game setting like the Great War, many unique gameplay options came with it. Judging from your reactions (not to mention how much fun we’ve had with the game ourselves) I dare say the gamble has paid off.

Nothing fills me more with joy than hearing your stories from the game – how you won that dog fight, found that weapon pickup, or turned that round of Conquest around at the last minute. I look forward to many more stories of that kind.

See you on the battlefield!






We’re knee deep in the trenches playing this wonderfully created masterpiece! We love it! From the detailing of every weapon to the way you’re educated on the basic skills and controls of the game. EA brought together the best to create something very special.

Already a classic in the making. Easy 9/10 score.