BootAdvisor – Creative Series | Episode 2 by Scott McRoy

BootAdvisor – Creative Series | Episode 2

by  Scott McRoy


We’re very excited to be bringing you a special Episode 2!

When the idea of the Creative Series came about, one of the first names on our list was Scott and you can see why!

The idea and concept was precisely what Nike and Adidas fans will be looking for, if not crying out for!

Simply Stunning!


The ‘AcceleratoR9’





Adidas Predator | Nike Mercurial Concept Boot



The ‘AcceleratoR9’


The basis for this idea was the Final of the World Cup in France 1998. The tournament in itself was my first world cup, i was a little Too young for USA94 but after the Highs and Lows of England in Euro ’96 I was absolutely buzzing for this tournament and it didn’t disappoint. The whole thing kicked off with the Nike Airport advert, me and my mates would dribble down the street, while signing the famous Song Sergio Mendes Song  ‘Mas Queue Nada’mas  The tournament itself included some amazing moments like Michael Owens Goal V Argentina – Beckham’s red card, Bergkamps ridiculous control and finish and just the flair of the Brazilians in general.




Fast Forwards to the final, it was set up perfectly, France – the home nation  Vs Brazil – the pre tournament favourites.

Zidane v Ronaldo, Adidas v Nike.Predator Vs Mercurial  you had the 2 best players in the world possibly at the time going head to head in the biggest game in world football.

ultimately Zidane would steal the Show, and he led France to victory. and we all know how the final unfolded for Ronaldo. and the iconic image of him at the final whistle with his books around his neck.




My favourite boot was and still is the adidas predator accelerator, as worn by Zidane but I absolutely loved the unique colour way of the Ronaldo R9 Mercurial.. so 17 years on, and after spending a large chunk of that time building up my skill-set to a relatively decent level in photoshop, I decided to work up a boot that fused the two together.




The design of the Accelerator with the colours of the Mercurial R9.


So here it is the ‘AcceleratoR9’…








More of Scott’s work can be found on his Instagram page or website. Check it out!


Episode 3 coming soon!