The Canterbury Enforcer – Adam Jones Protects the Untouchable Jersey

The Canterbury Enforcer – Adam Jones Protects the Untouchable Jersey 😲



As the curtain falls on another RBS 6 Nations Championship, all eyes turn to this summer’s British & Irish Lions tour to New Zealand.



The squad will be announced on April 19th, when until such time the famous jersey remains untouchable to those who wish to join the tour. No player will touch the jersey until selected to become a lion and Canterbury are challenging fans to commit to waiting too.

Canterbury ambassador Adam Jones is roaming Twitter looking for fans who couldn’t resist waiting and have worn the jersey already. Fans who do so have been warned!



Funnyman Dylan Hartley Pranks England Rugby Fans!

Dylan Hartley Pranks England Rugby Fans 😂!

Canterbury ambassadors Dylan Hartley and Rugby World Cup winning legend Will Greenwood put unsuspecting fans through a series of live scenarios to test their commitment to the England Rugby shirt.



The fans, who were randomly selected in a prize draw after purchasing the Canterbury England Rugby Alternate shirt, were each individually greeted by England Rugby captain Dylan Hartley in the lobby of the London Marriott Hotel Twickenham before the drama unfolded.


During the initial exchange Hartley left each of the fans alone with his bespoke Test shirt for the upcoming RBS Six Nations Test with France. The Canterbury ambassador provided strict instructions for the fans to protect the shirt, whatever the cost.



With hidden cameras placed around the hotel lobby, each of the fans were put through a series of scenarios to test their commitment to the shirt. The scenarios featured a sticky fingered and enthusiastic young supporter, a persistent Will Greenwood determined to sign the shirt and a suspicious security guard intent on confiscating it.


Canterbury ambassador Dylan Hartley, said: “It was good fun putting the fans through the tests and seeing how they each reacted to the scenarios. They were all very good sports and we had a good laugh afterwards. We always talk about the importance of commitment on and off the field but these guys really showed their commitment to the shirt.”


PUMA evoPOWER boot – Vigor 1

PUMA Reveal Latest Generation evoPOWER boot – Vigor 1


PUMA has kicked the new year off in style by unveiling its next generation POWER boot, the evoPOWER Vigor 1. The new football boot sees PUMA’s greatest design overhaul yet in the POWER franchise, boasting an upgraded silhouette that keeps power and accuracy at the heart of the design. The revolutionary boot will be worn on-pitch by PUMA POWER stars including the likes of Olivier Giroud and Mario Balotelli, and new PUMA ambassadors, Petr Čech and Marc Bartra.



Engineered with numerous upgrades to the previous edition, the evoPOWER Vigor 1 is more technical than ever, marking a new era for the silo. The Vigor 1 is the first in the POWER family to feature a stretchable Spandex sock construction, creating an ultra-comfortable slip on boot with a barefoot feeling. The Spandex sock lining works in harmony with PUMA’s next generation AccuFoam upper technology which features a new engineered 3D format. The PU foam dots regulate the uneven surface when the foot comes into contact with the ball, which maximises precision when striking the ball powerfully. The upper is completed with PUMA’s Adap-Lite material further enhanced with a new support cage that allows the foot to bend. The one-way stretchable microfibre upper material supports the biomechanics of the foot while striking the ball barefoot, maximizing both power and precision. This combined with GripTex, a PUMA technology applied to the upper of the boot, helps create enhanced grip and ball control.



The evoPOWER Vigor 1 outsole remains the same as its predecessors as a result of popular demand, featuring a mix of bladed and conical studs. Based on PUMA’s research into how force travels on the stance and kicking legs, the boot features bladed studs that ensure perfect ground penetration and stability, especially on stance leg, and conical studs for optimal agility.


The evoPOWER Vigor 1 emanates POWER with its bold styling and colour, featuring a sleek new look in allover Gecko Green finished off with Safety Yellow and PUMA Black detailing. The diamond shaped PU dots in Safety Yellow on the sock liner not only advance the performance of the boot, but also fashion a subtle graphic pattern across the upper, which has been replicated in the outsole. The overall look is rounded off with finishing touches in PUMA Black, from the iconic PUMA Formstripe and evoPOWER branding on the tongue to decorative details on the outsole.


Commenting on the new latest POWER offering, PUMA’s General Manager for Teamsport, Matthias Mecking said; “In order to tackle the design, we closely examined our top players in action. We examined the way Olivier Giroud transfers every bit of power into strikes and Balotelli’s final third domination and powerful goals. We examined what the body naturally brings to the ball and how we can give it more impact and even better aim, and took each boot material to the next level. The evoPOWER VIGOR 1 is PUMA’s most technical offering to date, and brings you even closer to the ball for even greater power.”


PUMA star striker and POWER player, Olivier Giroud added; “I’ve been wearing evoPOWER for some time now and while PUMA always makes great developments to the boot, the new evoPOWER Vigor 1 is next level. I’m enjoying playing in a boot with a slip on sock construction – it is ridiculously comfortable plus the foam dots are a total gamechanger for me. I enjoy making an impact on the pitch and in these bold Green boots I definitely will. Let’s just say the bar has been officially raised.”



The new evoPOWER Vigor 1 is now available for purchase on, PUMA Stores and football boot retailers worldwide.


The evoPOWER Vigor 1 is now available at



GAMING: Titanfall 2




Bigger weapons make better friends in Titanfall 2, the epic follow-up to the genre-redefining Titanfall. Respawn Entertainment gives you the most advanced titan technology in its new, expansive single player campaign and multiplayer experience. Combine and conquer with new titans and pilots, deadlier weapons, and feature-rich customization and progression system that helps you and your titan flow as one unstoppable killing force.

Unite and destroy. Become One.



Single Player:

An Action Adventure Experience:

As an infantryman trapped behind enemy lines, you must develop your skills under fire to become a full-fledged Pilot, fighting as one with your Titan.



    Due to the radically skewed population and wealth distribution on Earth Jack Cooper’s family relocated to the Frontier in search of a better life when he was an infant. The rural Frontier community they inhabited was subjected to harassment and exploitation by IMC garrisons. As the IMC continued to disrupt the livelihoods of the people in his home system, Cooper volunteered as a Militia Rifleman 3rd Class to free the Frontier from the oppression of the IMC.

  • BT-7274

    BT-7274 is a Vanguard-class Titan, the first to be designed by the Militia. A Vanguard-class Titan must obey three protocols:
    Protocol 1: Link to Pilot
    Protocol 2: Uphold the Mission
    Protocol 3: Protect the Pilot
    While the IMC considers its Titans and Pilots to be interchangeable and disposable, the Militia views each of its new Vanguard Pilot-Titan units as a long-term investment. As a result, an experienced Vanguard Titan-Pilot team is far more flexible and deadlier than any single IMC Titan and Pilot on the Frontier.


    Captain Tai Lastimosa grew up on the Frontier planet of Harmony long before it became the headquarters for the Militia. One of the first veteran Pilots to serve in the newly formed elite Militia unit, the Special Recon Squadron (SRS), Lastimosa tested the earliest prototypes of the Vanguard-class Titan. He was neural linked to BT-7274 roughly three years prior to Operation Broadsword.


    As a child, Commander Sarah Briggs lost several family members to incidents in which the IMC displaced Frontier citizens by force. As a result, she vowed to take revenge on the IMC refusing to rest until the enemy is wiped from the Frontier. Sarah commands one of the Militia’s elite combat unit, the SRS: the Marauder Corps.


    Kuben Blisk is a South African mercenary currently employed by the IMC’s ARES Division. His unit, the Apex Predators, provides “customized security solutions” for the IMC’s operations on Typhon.


    A high ranking officer within the IMC’s military research division, General Marder oversees the operations on Typhon. He sees the Militia as a shortsighted, angry mob blocking humanity’s progress on the Frontier – a nuisance to be eliminated. Employing high quality mercenaries to bolster his allocation of IMC forces, Marder’s ARES Division seeks “emergent technologies” to decisively resolve the Frontier War in favor of the IMC.




Featuring six all new Titans, a host of deadly new technology, and expanded Pilot abilities, Titanfall 2 is an adrenaline-fueled multiplayer experience that continues the Titanfall legacy of elevating the shooter genre.

Towering over anything that stands in their path, Titans are lethal weapons wrapped in armor and designed to take a punch…or a sword…or a rocket.



CR7 | Boots fit for a King 👑

CR7 “Victories” | Boots fit for a King 👑



Nike Pays Tribute To Cristiano Ronaldo’s Tremendous Year With Limited-Edition Mercurial Superfly Cr7 Vitórias

The limited-edition Mercurial Superfly CR7 commemorates Cristiano Ronaldo’s achievements with his club and country this year. Those accomplishments include Ronaldo’s fourth Ballon d’Or, the UEFA Champions League title and the UEFA Euro 2016 championship.



The “Vitórias” boot upper and its signature speed ribs feature a stylish Pure Platinum upper with a subtle blue metallic shine and an elegant fade from heel to toe. The Metallic Gold plate is a nod to the gold trophies Ronaldo won this year and the heel graphic reads “Vitórias,” Portuguese for victories. The CR7 logo and Swoosh are further highlighted by an iridescent shimmer.

777 pairs of individually numbered Mercurial Superfly CR7 Vitórias will be available via and select retailers in early 2017.



PUMA King with classy ‘Made in Italy’ 🇮🇹 The King is BACK!

PUMA King with classy ‘Made in Italy’ 🇮🇹  The King is BACK!



The longest reigning. The undisputed. The PUMA King. Continuing a tradition 48 years in the making, the King is back.

This time, it’s Made in Italy with special attention paid to the details that have turned it from boot to legend. 



The PUMA King has been worn by kings. Kings from Portugal to Brazil, from the Netherlands to Argentina. These footballers’ plays and goals are continually deemed the greatest of all time. More than a boot, it’s a football legend steeped in firsts and onlys. Introduced in 1968, it was hailed for its quality materials and “South American” style toe which brought the foot closer to the ball, thus improving touch. It was further enhanced and developed in the 70s. And in 1986, it passed 6 players, touched the ball 11 times, and scored 1 goal to seal its supremacy in the football realm.


The mark of ‘made in Italy’ promises craftsmanship. The country has long had a reputation for fine, handmade shoes. This PUMA King MII boot showcases the value of handmade football boots with every single stitch. Its construction relied entirely on the individual skills of the artisan who paid exceptional attention to every detail from toe to tongue. It’s a King that was made with a truly careful, artistic touch. It’s a King that delivers on its legendary promise of touch. Made in Italy. Ready to take its place in the world as the finest of all time.



The MiUK ONE: New Balance Football Goes Heritage Style! 🇬🇧

The MiUK ONE: Inspired by the beautiful game, made to perform in the modern game. 🇬🇧




New Balance Football has officially unveiled the first boot to be made in its manufacturing facility in Flimby, the MiUK ONE.


The MiUK ONE is a classic boot with a modern twist, combining heritage and high performance. The leather-based boot is limited to a run of 2,000 pairs, and has been made at the New Balance factory in Cumbria, in the North West of England. The release comes as New Balance announces the opening of a professional development facility for its sponsored footballers at the Flimby factory. The facility allows New Balance to work even more closely with their pro players like Aaron Ramsey and Álvaro Negredo to shape their future boot designs and developments.


The MiUK ONE is for discerning players who appreciate craftsmanship and who celebrate quality, both in playing style and kit. Evoking heritage New Balance boot styles, the leather upper and faux flip leather tongue bring a light but strong material finish designed to perform in the modern game. This complements the incorporation of the Visaro Pro outsole, which adds to the key performance elements of the boot. The design incorporates a padded insert in the tongue and removable cushioned footbed for unsurpassed comfort. A ‘MADE IN ENGLAND’ silver logo and silver Union Jack give the boot its exclusive look.



Packaged in exclusive MiUK boxing, the boot is accompanied by a premium quality cotton Made in UK boot bag, boot polish and a boot brush; ensuring owners can maintain the condition of their limited edition boots for years to come.


General Manager of New Balance Football Richard Wright said, “The MiUK ONE is a testament to where we have come from and where we want to be as we continue to grow in the football sector. It has been great to work with our professional development team at Flimby, who have over 30 years of experience of manufacturing high quality footwear in the UK. Everyone at New Balance is extremely proud of the MiUK ONE and I am sure it will prove to be extremely popular amongst boot collectors and players alike.”



The MiUK ONE boot will be on sale from 8 December with selected retailers worldwide and online at (US residents) and (UK residents).


Mesut Ozil : “Express Yourself!” ADIDAS Red Limit Collection

ADIDAS Red Limit Collection



adidas Football has today released a brand film starring German playmaker Mesut Ozil to support the launch of its new Red Limit collection. The Red Limit Collection features the new ACE17+ PURECONTROL which introduces industry-leading BOOST technology for the first time in a football boot. 




Mesut Ozil has been in fine form this season, but in the film, he encourages young footballers to express themselves and forge their own path, rather than try and follow his. In response to his skills, tricks and assists, the voiceover in the film – delivered from the point of view of a young aspiring football fan – defiantly tells Ozil he doesn’t want to be anything like him, he just wants his boots.




The ACE 17+ PURECONTROL is part of the Red Limit Collection, which also features street and cage versions of each silo. Ozil will wear the ACE 17+ PURECONTROL on-pitch from today.


It’s Beginning to look a lot like… Predator!! 🎄 | ADIDAS Red Limit ACE 16+ UltraBOOST

It’s Beginning to look a lot like… Predator!!




adidas Football launch the Red Limit ACE 16+ UltraBOOST. The shoe brings together the best from adidas Football and adidas Running and is the latest product to be released as part of the Limited Collection.


In the Red Limit ACE 16+ UltraBOOST, a black Primeknit upper and red heel counter from adidas Football’s ACE 16+ PURECONTROL – the world’s first high-performance laceless football boot – are merged with industry leading BOOST technology used in adidas Running products, to deliver a sleek look along with optimum comfort.



The limited edition release is part of the wider Red Limit Collection which includes the ACE 17+ PURECONTROL and X16 on-pitch, cage and street silos, as well as the MESSI 16 and will be available to purchase in limited numbers from


For further information please visit