Adidas Predator “MADE IN GERMANY”

Question: Where are Adidas Predator football boots manufactured?

adidas_made_in_germanyWe’re asked this question on a weekly basic! Some insist all Predators are produced in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. Which is actually correct to a point! But generally incorrect! Confused?!

So we’re going to enlighten you all!

The vast majority of all Adidas Predators are produced in the Far East; most specifically in Indonesia. In fact they have been for the past 2 decades!

With the huge demand for Adidas Predator boots globally it’s simply more economically to outsource to the Far East.

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Within the Adidas company, the Global Operations department, specifically Sourcing, looks into these aspects in collaboration with Social and Environmental Affairs (SEA). And while the company spreads its sourcing over multiple countries, 80% of its global production comes from the so-called ‘strategic’ suppliers. (source


So does this mean a lesser product is produced in the Far East? Most certainly not! Thanks to hundreds of factory visits every year, the company consistently reviews and evaluates suppliers, works with them to address issues and makes improvements where necessary. In 2013, nine manufacturing relationships were terminated with suppliers who failed to adhere to the standards and requirements. Adidas produce market leading products for decades and are certainly not about to lose it reputation over quality control!

made-in-geramanyAnyway; back to the argument that Predator’s are made in Germany! This is true but to a very select few. The Adidas factory in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany makes specific custom made boots for the elite professionals. For example; elite players have there exact foot size measured to fine detail. A boot is then created to the players individual specification. Most of these boots are marked “Custom Made” “Custom Sample” and a more general “Made in Germany” on the Predator range.

Here’s the quote from an adidas spokesperson to help clear up the confusion!

“The adidas Predator football boots are produced exclusively in Asia, however we do have a customisation service for our professional athletes in Germany. “

(images source ThePredCollective)

Wherever there made you can’t argue we all love and appreciate the ultimate boot called The Predator!