Boot Collectors: Episode 3 – Nike GS Concept 1 by vaporash

Boot Collectors: Episode 3 – Nike GS Concept 1 by vaporash


Hot on the heels come a new Episode from Ashdon Roberts (@vaporash). Ashdon is a keen Nike collector and he’s picked none other than the NIKE GS Concept 1 to start off! Neymar brought this boot to stardom during the 2012 Olympics! Great piece from Ashdon and we’re looking forward to his next one already!

Nike GS Concept 1





Year of Release: 2012

Worn by: Neymar (brazil)


In my first article I will be talking about the amazing Nike GS Concept 1’s. They were initially launched in 2012 and were exclusively made to be worn by Neymar during the London 2012 Olympics. Neymar managed to notch himself a fairly decent goals tally wearing the Nike GS Concepts, on route to the men’s football final. A game in which Brazil narrowly lost to Mexico 2-1.



The Nike GS Concept 1 was a limited edition release, and only 2012 FG pairs were available to the public to buy. 2012 pairs obviously signifying the year they were released. Each pair is individually numbered, with the pair in my collection being number 916 of 2012 made.




The Nike green speeds are jam packed with technological advancements, and are some of the brands lightest ever football boots produced, weighing in at 160 grams. One of the most impressive and revolutionary features behind the GS is how they are engineered, with the boot mainly being made of recyclable materials such as castor beans, plastic bottles and polyester. I’ve had the chance to play in a pair of Nike GS Concept 1 before and performance wise I thought they were a cut above most other boots out there. Easily, they’d have to be in my top 5 favourite boots to ever wear, and I consider that quite a feat considering the number of different boots I’ve worn over the years.


One of my favourite things about the Nike GS Concept is the lightweight design and the stud configuration, the level of traction it offered was great and I thought the upper of the boot was rather soft and relatively easy to break in (always a plus). I wore my previous pair for quite some month and really enjoyed my time playing in them. Not to mention they look exceptional on feet as well, with the more traditional base colour of black and the loud bright colour of volt, creating an eye dazzling contrast of colours sure to impress many a person.


Stud layout


Anyway I hope you enjoyed my write up on the Nike GS Concept 1, and be sure to be on the lookout for my next article, on the CR7 Safari 1 Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly 2.


A huge thanks to Ashdon Roberts (@vaporash) for the great piece! Early next week we’ll be bringing a pretty iconic boot in Ep.4! Stay tuned!


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